DALLAS, NOV. 11 -- David Bowie has agreed to take an AIDS test as a result of a criminal complaint filed by a woman who alleges that the rock star sexually assaulted her and then told her he had been exposed to the fatal disease, his lawyer said today.

The test was requested last month by Wanda Nichols, 30, who said Bowie sexually assaulted her Oct. 9 in a Dallas hotel room and then bit her on the back and told her he had AIDS.

State District Judge David Brooks had set a Thursday hearing to decide whether Bowie should be ordered to take the test, but agreed to delay the hearing until Dec. 18 after a conference today with lawyers for the woman and Bowie.

The woman originally asked that Bowie be tested in Dallas. The singer's lawyer James Linn said Bowie, who is performing in Australia, did not want to interrupt his world tour but was willing to take the test there or somewhere else along the tour route.

Robert Rose, Nichols' lawyer, said she would agree to a test elsewhere "as long as we know {he's} being tested, just to ensure the integrity and truthfulness of the test."

Rose said the woman has tested negative for exposure to the AIDS virus. However, antibodies for the virus cannot be detected in the blood for several months.

Bowie has said he was with the woman from early morning to midafternoon Oct. 9 at a Dallas hotel. Linn would not disclose details of their time together, but said Bowie says he did not rape the woman.

The woman has filed a criminal complaint against Bowie and testified today before a Dallas County grand jury. The grand jury is expected to decide Nov. 18 whether to indict Bowie.