LONG BEACH, CALIF., NOV. 16 -- Seventy-nine Grateful Dead fans were arrested for alcohol, drug and curfew violations during the band's three-night stint at the Long Beach Arena, police said today.

"It was definitely a return to the '60s," Sgt. Marc Pickens said. "Kids were high on hallucinogenic drugs, and there were quite a few running around nude." The concerts drew about 14,500 people.

Officers said concert goers were buying doses of the hallucinogens LSD and psilocybin, or magic mushrooms, for as little as $1.

"We had a number of LSD cases but at that price, I'm surprised we didn't have more," Lt. Carroll Shelly said. "We had several people running nude loaded on the stuff."

Pickens, who led a group of 20 officers patrolling the concerts at the Long Beach Arena, said the music lovers "weren't violent, just high. But we're relieved it's over."

"Deadheads" filled the arena parking lot during the band's concerts Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, turning it into a concrete campground filled with vans and tents.

Two fans were briefly hospitalized Friday night after experiencing severe hallucinations. Two others were nude when police arrested them Saturday night, one as he ran up a freeway on-ramp, Lt. David Buchanan said.

Those who appeared to be hallucinating were kept under medical observation in police holding cells before being released into the general jail population