At one point in Aerosmith's show Thursday night at Capital Centre, it appeared that lead singer Steven Tyler glanced at his wrist to check his watch. It would be hard to believe he was concerned about time, since the band did an unusually good job of pacing its concert. Old songs such as "Same Old Song and Dance" and "Back in the Saddle Again" were fired up with new arrangements, while newer material from Aerosmith's "Permanent Vacation" album was placed appropriately in blocks in the beginning of the show.

Although Aerosmith's style of rock contains a slightly tenuous connection to old-time R&B, it still managed to sound fresh compared with most of today's makeup-and-mousse metal bands. Tyler blew some harmonica, guitarist Joe Perry used a slide bar for some of his solos, and few drummers since Led Zeppelin's John Bonham have been able to pound so much volume and rhythm out of a simple five-piece drum set as Joey Kramer. The only yawning moments occurred when rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford incorporated the much overused hammer-on and pull-off finger techniques during his solo spot, and Kramer's drum solo briefly turned into a call-and-response with the audience.