SKI CLUBS in the Washington area offer more than just a group run down a slope. The clubs organize trips -- often at great savings -- to ski slopes in the region or in the West and New England. And some of the clubs operate year-round, with skiing just one of their activities.

How much can you cut your ski costs by joining a club? "The savings vary greatly, but most areas give a 10 percent discount to groups," says Tim Gori of Any Mountain, an Arlington travel agency that specializes in ski packages. "You can probably pass on that 10 percent to 15 percent, plus the advantage of having a group travel contract for the air."

And how do you find a club and join it? The "Sporting Life" pages in any Friday's Weekend section list the activities of many groups. More detailed information about area clubs can be found at ski shops and at travel agencies (look in the Yellow Pages under Skiing Centers & Resorts) that specialize in trips to the slopes. And here's a list of some area clubs:

AIR FORCE SKI CLUB -- Open to military and Defense Department employes. This social activity club sponsors trips in the region and to the West, New England and Europe. 455-7384.

ARLINGTON HALL SKI CLUB -- This club has trips twice a month. This season they will visit Canada, New England, Colorado and area resorts. 922-5192.

BALTIMORE SKI CLUB:organizes weekly trips to resorts in the region, New England, the West and Europe. 301/825-7669.

BLACK SKI CLUB:is planning ski outings at resorts in the region, the West, New England and a March trip to Italy. P.O. Box 90762, Washington DC 20090. 231-3900.

FAGOWEES INTERNATIONAL -- This club emphasizes skiing, but also organizes biking and hiking tours, and trips to theaters, restaurants and sporting events. During the season they have weekly ski trips, including one trip to Europe and another to the West. Call 441-9600 and ask for Dutch or write PO Box 31701, Temple Hills, MD 20748.

OARS-The ski club of the Recreation Department of Rockville is planning trips to New England and area resorts. Call 424-8000, extension 344, or write 111 Maryland Ave., Rockville MD 20850.

PENTAGON SKI CLUB -- This club has no ties to the military and is open to anyone. It has 16 trips planned this season, ranging from weekenders to week-long trips to the Rockies and Europe. 587-2073.

SKI CLUB OF WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The biggest and oldest of the clubs, SCWDC holds hundreds of events every year, including trips to resorts in the region, New England, the West and Europe. 5309 Lee Highway, Arlington 22207. 532-7776.