The bumpy romantic partnership between Madonna and Sean Penn may soon be a thing of the past. The New York Daily News says their two-year marriage is not only on the rocks, but is headed toward a divorce. The pop star siren was evidently displeased when her husband finally showed up on Thanksgiving Day at their Manhattan apartment following a four-day absence. "You're not having Thanksgiving dinner here," she reportedly told him, and left to spend the holiday with family. Penn left for Los Angeles. His press agent told the Daily News that Madonna had recently served divorce papers on Penn. Reportedly, the "brat pack" actor was discussing his marital woes and the divorce proceedings with friends in a New York eatery this week. "I know the tendency in these matters is to blame him," Penn's agent said. "But it is really too bad because these two people love each other."

Truffle Pursuit

Everybody's got to eat, but some have more exotic menus to look forward to than others. Truffles, those fleshy fungi, will be featured prominently on some of the menus at the upcoming U.S.-Soviet summit. President Reagan, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and their crews will be feasting on the truffle creations of French chef Solange Gardillou. According to a report at a recent Parisian gastronomy exposition, one of the dinners will include truffles wrapped in pastry, stuffed truffle pork chops, truffle salad and, for dessert, truffle-nut ice cream. Perhaps the chef can invent a truffle espresso to round things out? It could be the next big food trend.

Color-Blind Characterization

Actor James Earl Jones, who's currently on Broadway in "Fences," is contemplating a new role. Only this time, he'd be playing a white character -- the patriarch Big Daddy in Tennessee Williams' classic play, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Jones, a native of Mississippi, believes his background would be an asset in the role, and would approach the characterization as a white man, since "part of the truth of the character is that he's white. I'd do everything I can to make people think I am an upwardly mobile cracker." He added that "being a Mississippian ... I know a great deal about that kind of person, and my awareness is not all antagonistic."

No Price on Virtue

Maybe it wasn't such a hot idea after all. John LaCorte, 78, the retired Sicilian businessman who this past week was ready to pay $1,000 to each of 100 high school girls in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island who could prove they'd remained virgins until the age of 19, has decided to alter his strategy. LaCorte's original brainstorm was sparked by his alarm over American teen-age pregnancy statistics, and he immediately received a lot of attention from the press and interested individuals. Feminists and others, however, were outraged by his proposal. Kelli Conlin, president of New York's NOW chapter, said, "If he wants to honor girls for their academic work, that's okay. But making them submit to a physical examination to get money is degrading. I can't think of anything more degrading." In light of the heavy criticism, LaCorte is now establishing a series of "educational seminars" for young women that will teach them how to be good wives, good mothers and good homemakers. As for his change of heart, LaCorte explained, "We were criticized that we should not bribe girls with money ... We made a mistake."

Mayor Bosco, Come Home

Somehow, California seems like the right place for something like this. The mayor of Sunol, a hamlet 45 miles east of San Francisco, has run away. The townspeople are understandably distraught over Mayor Bosco's disappearance, especially over Thanksgiving. Several of the town's 400 residents became alarmed when he failed to appear at a scheduled appointment with a TV crew there to do a story on him. Last year Bosco also vanished and was finally found in a garage in Fremont. Pat Stillman, mother of Tom Stillman, Bosco's current overseer, said, "I'm very upset, because he's a treasure to this town and we all love him dearly. It's going to be hard for all of us." Though his whereabouts are still a mystery, people are searching for the mayor. But evidently not hard enough for Stillman. "If the mayor of Fremont or ... Pleasanton were missing, surely there would be an all-points bulletin." Mayor Bosco is a Labrador retriever.