From our Stop That Rumor Before It Starts Bureau, WMAL-AM's (630) Jackson Weaver is only temporarily off the air. In fact, it's so temporary that he's back on the air this morning.

It's less confusing than it sounds. As of last Wednesday, Weaver was taking about five weeks off for prostate surgery, recovery and vacation, and was not going to return to the air until Jan. 4. According to a station spokesman, Weaver's condition is not serious, and the long hiatus is due in part to the fact that Weaver normally takes two weeks of vacation around the holidays. But yesterday Weaver's surgery was postponed a week, so he'll be back the remainder of this week, and will be out as of Monday, Dec. 7, until Jan 4.

In the meantime, WMAL's Johnny Holliday will be cohosting the morning show with regular Frank Harden.

WMAL is also introducing a new Redskins pregame show -- and we can't get enough of them, can we? This one is "Out of Bounds," with Chris Core and The Post's own Tony Kornheiser. The hour-long show, which debuted Sunday, airs each week two hours and 15 minutes before game time and right before Johnny Holliday's pregame show. "Bounds" will feature a special guest and live listener call-ins. A quick glance at WMAL's program guide makes this (rah! rah!) the station's sixth Redskin-related show each week.

Q-107's New Morning Crew

There's about to be a new morning team at WQRX-FM (107.3). Mark Ross and the Q Crew will take over the drive-time shift Dec. 14 from Chris Jagger and "Mad" Mike Bryant, who will return to their previous 6 to 10 p.m. shift. The new team consists of Ross, Bill Luby and newsman Rick Jewell. All hail from WNFI-FM in Daytona Beach, Fla.

"We've been looking for a morning team for a number of months," said spokeswoman Vivienne Vaughan, "and this will be a reinforcement of our {contemporary music} format." Jagger and Bryant started the morning shift in July, and the new Q Crew will be the fourth morning team the station has tried this year.

The new team is said to be "quick, funny, entertaining and current, with numerous characters." That certainly sounds different.

WWRC's Primary Interest

Yesterday morning WWRC-AM (980) began its series, "The Next President With David Frost." The show will air each weekday at 5:45 a.m. and will feature interviews with all the major presidential candidates, as well as dialogues with former presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. The show will run through early 1988.

And of equal interest -- or perhaps greater interest, at least in the suburbs -- WWRC will begin "On the Garden Line" this Saturday at 8:05 a.m. The two-hour show (minus that five minutes after 8) stars Jerry Baker, "The Jolly Green Giant of Gardening" (at least according to WWRC). Baker is the author of more than three dozen gardening books and is the star of two upcoming gardening videos. The weekly show will be live, and allows call-in questions.

APR's Executive Search

Up at the home office in St. Paul, Minn., American Public Radio has named Eric Friesen (no cold weather jokes, please) acting chief executive officer for the network. Friesen, formerly senior vice president for programming, replaces outgoing president Albert Hulsen. But don't let that stop you from sending out those re'sume's: The APR board is reviewing candidates for a permanent CEO.

On WETA, Just Say Noah

And you thought variety shows were dead. WETA-FM (90.9) will soon be airing "Good Evening," a variety show hosted by Noah Adams, which gets a preview Dec. 19 at 6 p.m. "Good Evening" is broadcast live from the World Theater in St. Paul, and can be heard every week beginning Jan. 9.

The Minnesota Public Radio production, the successor to "A Prairie Home Companion," will feature a wide range of musical guests, several running characters, and writers, poets and storytellers. Adams will also read from letters, books, poems and children's stories. Sounds like more than enough for weekly entertainment, but that's not all: There's also a five-piece house band, led by Steve Barnett.

Guests for the Dec. 19 special include the Gregg Smith Singers, billed as the most recorded choral group in the world; country singer and Minnesota Music Award-winner Mary Jane Alm; the J.D. Steele singers of the musical "Gospel at Colonus"; and Merle Kessler and Dan Coffey of the Duck's Breath comedy troupe.