Summiteers see few sights. What with negotiations in the morning and state dinners at night, the Gorbachevs might never see the real Washington. In the interest of world peace, Post readers are suggesting stops on a highly unofficial tour of the area's lesser-known charms.

Today's guide: Michael (Mick) Reidy, local bon vivant, artist and construction worker.

Destination: The World Wrestling Federation card Monday night at Capital Centre.

"First of all, it's Hulk Hogan versus King Kong Bundy. This is for the heavyweight championship of the world and it will be seen in December on a "Saturday Night's Main Event" on NBC. I figure, after the accord, what better way to prove to the American public that he is a regular guy, kind of a Nebraskan.

"He can be seen drinking Budweiser, eating the hot dog, cheering, screaming and yelling, being a natural-born man.

"The bonus of the whole thing is that his countrymen, the Bolsheviks -- Ivan Volkoff and Ivan Zhukov -- are fighting for the tag team championship. Their thing is they get up in front of the audience and sing the Russian national anthem. I think I can coerce him to climb up there in the ring and join them. This could be the Righteous Brothers of the Red Bloc.