Summiteers see few sights. What with arms talks in the morning and state dinners at night, the Gorbachevs might never see the real Washington. In the interest of world peace, Post readers are suggesting stops on a highly unofficial tour of the area's lesser-known charms.

Today's guide: Bob Rubin, owner of Bob Rubin's New York Deli, 222 N. Lee St., in Alexandria.

Destination: Several -- on a freewheeling culinary expedition.

"We can't send him to McDonald's because he's probably got one of his own over there. Maybe Chinatown. I like Chinatown. First you send him to the big arch, then for something to eat. I go to the place that has the ducks hanging out the window, like on Elizabeth Street in New York. I forget the name.

"On the other hand, if he likes pizza you send him to Vienna Pizza on Maple Avenue in Vienna. The owner is from Mulberry Street in New York. He's got a bouffant and a big white Continental.

"I'm not talking about tourist attractions. You can get real Chinese food and real Italian food. That's real America.

"Then after that he needs to work it off. Send him on the bike paths in Rock Creek Park. He'll be so tired he'll want to go home."