Summiteers see few sights. What with arms control negotiations in the morning and state dinners at night, the Gorbachevs might never see the real Washington. In the interest of world peace, Post readers are suggesting stops on a highly unofficial tour of the area's lesser-known charms.

Today's guide: Susan Meehan of the District's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services Administration. During the summit, a visiting Soviet teacher will be staying in the Meehan home.

Destination: Tysons Corner auto dealer consortium.

"In a city that doesn't have a stock exchange, where better to see what American capitalism is about than a car mecca. They've got 12 dealers and 24 brands there and there's over 10,000 cars. If Mr. Gorbachev can't find a car to suit him there, then no place in the world will suit him.

"In fact, if he could make it out today, they are having a big promotion at one of the Ford dealers and they are giving away a car. So he might get lucky on more than one front.

"The only drawback is that there is no Russian brand. They've got Japanese, English, French, but no Russian. Maybe if they would improve their own cars they could make their grand opening in the capitalist market at Tysons Corner.