Move over, Dogue. Goodbye, Catmopolitan. So long, Canine Quarterly. Say hello to the newcomer in the animal parody magazines.

It's Cowsmopolitan, a spoof of the women's magazine that's aimed at the growing throng of bovine aficionados. At $7.95 (Day Dream Publishing) it may be just the gift for the cow-lover who has the requisite cow creamer, cow posters, cow's-head towel holders and cow jewelry.

Cowsmo lampoons Cosmo completely, from its features on "cowsmedic surgery" and "How to Milk Your Ex for Everything" down to the "What's Your Lovemaking I.Q.?" test.

"We've been dogged and catted and horsed out," said author Thomas Hagey, who also wrote the 1984 parody "The Best of Playboar," explaining why he's turned to cows. Taking a swipe at the traditional fashion magazine stories, Hagey has included the continuing saga of Chuck and Di -- the romance between a cow named Di and her boyfriend, now just a chuck steak. There's a fashion spread for the cow that wants to dress for success, a personal note from editor Ellen Guernsey Brown, an ad for Cowvin Klein's "Confession" and an ad for "Fences & Hedges."

In the month since Cowsmo was released, the original printing of 105,000 copies has sold out and the magazine is about to enter its second printing.