BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF. -- In the sun-struck, palm-studded fantasy world of Hollywood, Santa wears a Rolex watch, white Reeboks and Cartier eyeglasses, and he pulls candy canes out of a leather Louis Vuitton bag.

Madonna, Imelda Marcos, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Cher, Valerie Harper, Burt Bacharach, Monty Hall, Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn, Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, even Jackie Onassis, have told Brady White their Christmas wishes.

Despite appearances, celebrities don't always have their wants fulfilled and those in the lap of luxury eagerly whisper champagne wishes into the ear of the "Santa to the Stars."

"Madonna jokingly asked me if she could be a virgin for Christmas, and I said, 'Santa can't work miracles,' " White said. One of the singer's big hits has been "Like a Virgin."

White gets up to $2,500 an appearance and prefers to be called Santa.

His age? "Santa is ageless," he said in an interview Tuesday before he had his hair and full, natural beard styled at a swank Beverly Hills salon.

And, he added, "There is a child in everyone."

White played Kris Kringle at the glittering Beverly Center mall for five years before celebrity demand forced him to give up that job.

"I speak to the children as an '80s, hip, a now-type of Santa," White says of encounters with kids. "I keep up with the toys. Baby Heather is this year's hit for the girls and Nintendo {computer game} is what the boys want."

He said his most outrageous moment at the Beverly Center was when the wife of deposed Philippine leader Ferdinand Marcos walked up to hire him.

"She asked me to a private party and I handed out gold jewelry to her staff, then she gave me a $400 tip," White recalled.

At the Bacharach home last year, a ton of snow was trucked in, but Santa's sleigh couldn't make it up the steep driveway.

"I was walking up the driveway and a limousine pulled up," White said. "The door opened and a voice inside asked, 'Santa, do you need a lift?'

"It was Ed McMahon. He gave me a ride up the steep hill," said White.

For Jewish stars, White declares he's Hanu-Claus, as in Hanukah.

"When Barbra Streisand entered the Bacharach house last year I said, 'Ho-ho-ho, Hanu-Claus,' and she warmed up to me," he said.

Last weekend, Bronson and Ireland, his wife, hired White to preside over their private party at the trendy Stock Exchange club. White gave each guest, including McMahon and Robert Wagner, a silver bookmark from the couple.

Passers-by frequently stop White on the street, "especially if I'm wearing anything red," and instinctively call him Santa Claus.

Onassis "saw me on the street and said, 'Santa, I want a taxi,' and I flagged one down and she said 'thank you,' " he recalled.

Earlier this month, Neiman-Marcus auctioned the "Santa to the Stars" for $20,000 to a couple living near Nashville.

"These people were so wealthy it was incredible, but they were so kind and so normal," White said. "Living in Beverly Hills, you see so many kids asking for diamonds and even Ferraris, but these people were so average. They took me to a children's care center and an old folks' home."

Celebrities want things that are not only costly or sentimental but intangible. This holiday season, wishes for peace and ending famine predominate among the well-to-do.

"So many of them ask for world peace," said White. "Valerie Harper just asked for an end to hunger in the world."