GRAND BAHAMA ISLAND -- Your idea of a "dream" calendar may be one with pictures of beautiful women or hunky men, but this is a real dream calendar. It will dramatically improve your health and your shape, charge your spirit, probably change the way you think about living and lead you successfully through the Conch Man Mini-triathlon here on Saturday, Nov. 26: Swim a mile, run four miles and bike 10 miles.But right now you don't have to commit to that; you just have to look at the training schedule for tomorrow and do it. A 15-minute walk. Speed isn't important, but you might want to write your time on the calendar.

Becoming a Conch Out: That walk qualifies you for the club. It's your invitation to dinner at my house after participating in the race -- whether you compete in all three events, or compete as part of a team. It also gives you access to the Conch Out team of advisers and puts you on the list for our monthly training letter.

Training as a team: If you're brave enough to train for one event but are scared by this calendar, don't worry. The letter will provide you with a training program (developed by exercise physiologist Christopher Scott and triathlete Dr. Mark Russell) for your event(s).

One Step at a Time:

Consult your doctor before starting your training.

Proceed at your own slow pace through May. Your goal should be to complete the workout without undue stress. This is not the time to be setting records. This part of the program serves to provide a base from which to start more vigorous training.

Buy some comfortable jogging shoes; by the first Monday in February, get access to a biking machine.

Between January and May, any swimming stroke may be used to employ continuous swimming for the alloted time period.

During days of rest, do just that. Perform only what is required, no matter how good you feel.

You start tomorrow with a simple walk. When you get back from your walk, why don't you write me. Send me your name and address and tell me about your current health. If you're putting together a team, tell me about all your members. Remar Sutton, P.O. Box 77033, Atlanta, Ga. 30357.