Suzanne Cooke, estranged wife of Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke, gave birth to an 8-pound 13-ounce baby Redskinette Monday evening. Diane Martin, a first-time grandmother, said her daughter's child, Jacqueline Kent Cooke, has brown hair and boasts "double eyelashes."

"I'm so happy," Suzanne Cooke said yesterday, adding that she and her baby are "doing great."

Cooke was not present for the birth but in California, awaiting Super Bowl Sunday's match between the Redskins and the Denver Broncos. Said Grandmother Martin: "He's missed the biggest game in his life."

Separate Ways

"Dynasty" star Joan Collins and her ex-husband, Peter Holm, have yet to tidy up the remains of their long-lost marriage. According to Collins' attorney, celebrity divorce lawyer Marvin Mitchelson, the couple is probably $100,000 apart in reaching an out-of-court settlement in their divorce. If a settlement isn't reached, the case is scheduled to go to trial Feb. 10. The two were divorced in a trial that ended Aug. 25.

Streets of Gold

With annual retail rents as high as $425 a square foot, New York's East 57th Street is the most expensive street in the world, says a rental study survey. Tokyo's Ginza claims the No. 2 position with rents of up to $400 per square foot, according to the Hirschfeld Co., a New York-based retail real estate marketing and consulting firm.

"East 57th Street, which last year averaged $300 per square foot, has become the newest shopping hot spot with retailers {such} as Burberry's and Chanel captivating the public and retailers, giving it a sense of exclusivity and excitement," said Michael N. Hirschfeld, the company's chairman and chief executive.

The other Top 10 streets are New York's Fifth Avenue ($375 per square foot), Madison Avenue ($275), Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles ($200), Chicago's Michigan Avenue, Bond Street in London, Palm Beach's Worth Avenue and Rue de Faubourg St. Honore in Paris (all $150) and Bloor Street in Toronto ($100).

Deep in Debt in Texas

Former Texas millionaire and governor John Connally and his wife Nellie wearily witnessed the final session of their four-day bankruptcy auction yesterday. "I feel almost numb. It's an emotional draw. We've tried to carry it off as best we could," Connally said. "It's not easy. It's tough. But on the other hand, it's what we wanted to do."

Connally, 70, who filed for personal and business bankruptcy last year, said last week he remains about $48 million in debt. Nearly $2.5 million was bid for hundreds of antiques, artworks and other personal possessions during the first three days of the auction.

Ringside Romance

Actor Don Johnson might have a special thing going with Barbra Streisand, the New York Daily News reported yesterday. The unlikely pair, immersed in a crowd of bodyguards, were spotted without much difficulty at the Larry Holmes-Mike Tyson fight last Friday after a quiet evening dining together. They are also reported to have spent some time together over Christmas in Aspen, Colo.