The National Symphony Orchestra-Jewish Community Center Chamber Music Series has become a fine showcase for individual members of the symphony and a worthy addition to the wealth of chamber music that already enriches this city's cultural life.

Monday night 10 members of the orchestra participated in a program that held few surprises but many moments of pleasure. The finest collaboration came in the suite from Stravinsky's "L'Histoire du Soldat" in a transcription by the composer for piano, violin and clarinet that preserves all the flavor and vigor of the original larger instrumentation. Violinist Elizabeth Adkins, playing with her usual incisiveness, took the lead in painting Stravinsky's fairy-tale landscape, while clarinetist Loren Kitt and pianist Lambert Orkis filled in the colors and the rhythmic foundation, finding an ideal balance in the process.

The Schubert "Trout" Quintet was notable chiefly for the splendid performance of bassist Harold Robinson, who never overwhelmed the ensemble but who gave his lines such character that they became a musical focal point.

The program opened with a short work for woodwind quartet by Rossini, one of those pieces that perpetuate the myth that all music for woodwinds is bumptious. This one bounced along cheerfully, scoring more points with its activity than with its musical message.