NEW YORK, FEB. 9 -- An unpublished story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, written more than 50 years ago and rejected by Redbook magazine, will finally appear in print next week, The New York Times reported in its Wednesday editions.

The story, "A Full Life," is seen by scholars as a herald of black humor and offers new insight into Fitzgerald's days of despair toward the end of his life, the paper said.

The story will be published in the winter edition of the Princeton University Library Chronicle, which has a circulation of 1,400.

In the story, which was written in 1937, the heroine says, "I'm full of dynamite," and detonates herself "with a tremendous bang" -- a distinctly bitter and un-Fitzgerald-like tale, The Times said.

The heroine marries first a munitions heir and then a rich French count. Then she works as a human cannonball in a traveling circus.

"It's a Woody Allen joke that was 50 years ahead of its time," said Stephen Ferguson, curator of rare books and special collections at the Princeton Library.

"The story is an example of absurdist literature that magazine editors and his agent didn't quite recognize," said Prof. James L.W. West III of Pennsylvania State University, who found the one surviving copy of tale more than a decade ago.

Fitzgerald died in 1940.