Miss Kentucky USA Suzanne Jean Pitman is wearing her crown a little crooked these days as the 23-year-old beauty queen prepares for her March 23 trial in Nashville on charges of drunk driving.

After winning her crown in July, Pitman took her pretty smile to Nashville for a job with a modeling agency. On Jan. 17, however, smile faded to frown when Pitman backed out of a parking space into another parked car and was given a breath test by a police officer. She failed the test with a reading of 0.18 (0.10 is considered legally drunk in Tennessee).

The Louisville chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, less than pleased by the incident, called on Pitman to give up her crown. "Any time you put yourself in the public eye, you've got a standard to uphold," said Beth Homm, treasurer of the group. "We think she should step down of her own accord."

Pitman hasn't entered a plea yet, but seems to be looking beyond her home state crown. Last week she was in El Paso for the preliminary competition of the Miss USA contest, where first prize is $200,000 in cash and prizes plus a chance to compete in the Miss Universe contest in May.

Toy Boat, Toy Boat, Toy Boat

He may be the son of one of the wealthiest men in the world, but Robert Forbes is not about to let that money taint his boyish heart. The 39-year-old offspring of Malcolm Forbes still clings to one of his greatest childhood joys, toy boats.

Though Forbes, who is now a vice president in the family business, probably could buy a fleet of life-size yachts, he's instead put his power into one of the largest and most extraordinary collections of toy boats in the world.

His fleet of more than 500 boats, many of which are on permanent display at Forbes Inc.'s gallery in New York, includes a 25-inch wooden battleship, built in 1895, that spring-fires wooden torpedoes; a 14-inch wooden speedboat (circa 1925) with a gas-powered engine; and a replica of the 1895 America's Cup-winning sailboat.

'No Excuses' for Rivers

Comedian Joan Rivers, who has never made excuses for her razor-sharp tongue, has taken Donna Rice's place as the official representative of No Excuses jeans. "Unlike the original No Excuses model, I got the job by guaranteeing not to sleep with the president -- of the company," Rivers said.

Also making no excuses was the clothing company, which hired Rice after the publicity explosion about her association with Gary Hart, but dropped her in December when Hart reentered the presidential race.

Frederick Loewe Hospitalized

Composer Frederick Loewe, 86, has suffered a heart attack. He was listed in fair condition after being admitted to Desert Hospital in Palm Springs, Calif., Thursday and placed in intensive care. With Alan Jay Lerner, Loewe created such classic stage musicals as "Camelot" and "Brigadoon." Their most acclaimed work was the musical adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's stage comedy "Pygmalion" into "My Fair Lady" in 1956.