"After becoming president, I don't think I could ever take orders from another man," says Philippine President Corazon Aquino. "I think I would be giving the orders. Having been president, maybe I need a king or someone like that." In an interview in the debut issue of Lear's magazine, she says she enjoys her freedom and will never remarry. "To this day I have not met anybody else whom I would like to share my life with," says Aquino, whose husband, Benigno Aquino, was assassinated in 1983.

Lear's magazine was founded by Frances Lear, ex-wife of television producer Norman Lear, and is aimed at women who are 40 and older.

Paparazzi and the Princess

Waves of hustling and shouting photographers and TV camera crews descended upon Princess Elena of Spain yesterday at Britain's Exeter University, where she is studying on a teaching fellowship. Students and staff watched with a mixture of amusement and alarm as the media militia closed in on the 24-year-old daughter of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia.

The princess, however, in keeping with royal etiquette, remained composed and even consented to some handshaking with a few photographers. A teacher and friend of Princess Diana, she will be working for six months with children with special learning needs.

Mo tley Cru e's Sympathies

Members of the heavy-metal rock band Mo tley Cru e offered their sympathies Thursday to a 12-year-old boy who was burned while trying to imitate a stunt shown on one of the group's music videos. Sixth-grader Bryan Tucker of Hollywood, Fla., has burns over 10 percent of his body after pouring rubbing alcohol on his jeans and setting them afire Wednesday. "The members of Mo tley Cru e are very sorry to learn that a young fan was injured trying to copy the 'human torch' stunt as seen on the 'Live Wire' video taped in 1982," said the band's statement. "Various of Mo tley Cru e's show stunts require special equipment, clothing and other materials ... and should not be attempted at home. Fire stunts are especially dangerous," the statement read.

Bryan's mother Wendy Tucker said that although her son was in great pain, the band was not to blame for the experiment. "In my day, my mom would not let me watch 'Superman' because he jumped out of buildings," she said. "It's just a different time. If you think, some of these cartoons are really rough. It didn't start with rock videos."

The boy was listed in good condition yesterday at Memorial Hospital in Hollywood.

Bacall, Bogey and Marital Bliss

Lauren Bacall says her 12-year marriage to Humphrey Bogart succeeded, while many other Hollywood marriages failed, because Bogart wouldn't let work separate them. "Most movie people are attractive physically, and you're thrown together on location very often, and who knows?" Bacall said in an interview in the current issue of Us magazine. "The agreement before we got married was that I would not take off and leave him behind," she said. "When he went on location I went with him. He was right about it too, for he knew that marriages didn't thrive on separation. There is too much temptation," she said.

Bacall said Bogart didn't give their marriage -- his fourth, her first -- much chance. He was a quarter-century older than his 20-year-old bride when they wed in 1945. "He told me later that he figured I would leave him in five years, because I didn't know anything about life and the world at that point," she said.

Madonna, Broadway Bound

The reviews aren't even in yet, but "Speed-the-Plow," a new play by David Mamet starring ill-fated actress Madonna, Joe Mantegna and Ron Silver, will move to Broadway four weeks after it opens at a small theater in Lincoln Center. The Lincoln Center Theater in New York, which is producing the play, has been overwhelmed with ticket requests, said a spokesman for the show. Demand has been so great that Telecharge, a computerized system of buying theater tickets by phone, has installed a special telephone charge number for the show when it moves to Broadway, he added.

"Speed-the-Plow," a story of two Hollywood producers and their office temp (Madonna), begins preview performances March 29 at the 299-seat Mitzi Newhouse Theater and will move to the 1,058-seat Royale Theater on Broadway in April.