Now that the nominations for the Academy Awards have been announced, it's time again for the Razzies, the Golden Raspberry Awards Foundation nominations. Made by a group of film professionals, critics and self-appointed film buffs, they aren't likely to appear on any movie marquees this week. These are nominations for the worst films and performances of 1987 -- and they don't go to unknowns in low-budget films, but to recognized industry stars who should know better.

Capturing the most nominations -- seven each -- were the box office disasters "Jaws the Revenge," and Norman Mailer's murder mystery "Tough Guys Don't Dance." Joining those two in the Worst Film category were Bill Cosby's "Leonard Part 6," Madonna's "Who's That Girl?" and the jillion-dollar Elaine May disaster "Ishtar." Worst actress nominations went to Lorraine Gary, Sondra Locke, Madonna, Debra Sandlund and Sharon Stone. Worst Actor nominees were Bruce the Shark, Bill Cosby, Judd Nelson and two Razzies favorites, Ryan O'Neal and Sylvester Stallone. The Razzies will be presented April 10 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, site of the first Academy Awards, and it isn't likely any of the nominees will be there to pick them up.

Out and About

After all the Campaign '88 speeches and debates so far -- and with the election still months away -- Ted Windt, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, has decided to grade the candidates on their rhetoric. He gave Jesse Jackson an A minus, the highest grade, for knowing how to move crowds although sometimes overstating his point. Vice President George Bush received a C minus for a tendency to whine. "He'll stand up to Dan Rather but not to Iran-contra," Windt said. His other grades: to Sen. Robert Dole, a B because he needs to control his sardonic humor; to former television preacher Pat Robertson, a B with advice to tone down his evangelistic tone; to Rep. Jack Kemp, a C plus; to Rep. Richard Gephardt, a B plus; to Gov. Michael Dukakis, a C for lack of warmth; to Sen. Paul Simon, a C for being too professorial; and to Sen. Albert Gore, an incomplete. Windt says Gore needs to project more humor ...

Hospital Report: Brilliant comedian Jonathan Winters spent the latter part of last week in St. Francis Hospital in Santa Barbara, Calif., following what was described as a bad fall. No details were released as to the type of injuries the 62-year-old comic had incurred Thursday. A statement issued by the hospital said he "had suffered a bad fall and was doing well" and was expected to be released from the hospital this weekend ... Former White House political director Ed Rollins is in Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where he is listed in fair condition after surgery to repair internal adhesions and an incisional hernia from surgery he underwent a year ago. He is expected to be in the hospital another week ...

Candidate Gary Hart may say the American public doesn't care about his Florida fun with blond model Donna Rice, but the episode hasn't been forgotten, and a new song will help keep it on the public's mind. Just this weekend ABC Radio released "The Ballad of Gary Hart," written by satirist Tom Paxton and sung by John Denver, to be played by ABC's 2,000 affiliates. Among the verses Rocky Mountain Denver sings is this one:

Well he met her at a party and her name was Donna Rice

She was Gary's kind of woman, she was pure Miami vice

She thought he was Gary Collins and could get her on TV

She suggested Monkey Business and the rest is history ...