NEW YORK, DEC. 6 -- Oops, never mind.

The Soviet Mission to the United Nations and the Secret Service notified the Trump Organization yesterday that the Gorbachevs' much ballyhooed visit to that leading capitalist temple, Trump Tower, would not take place after all.

The Trump people said they'd been told that "rescheduling" and security concerns were to blame for the cancellation.

But a senior Soviet official said privately yesterday evening that while the Soviet Mission here had considered the visit, Kremlin higher-ups had scotched the idea. Another senior Soviet official said this morning that a Trump Tower tour would have been a terrible mistake, for symbolic reasons. Apparently, having the leader of the communist world browsing among $30,000 Pasha watches from Cartier and $8 million duplex apartments gave his ministers pause. A single pair of red satin pumps with bows at Charles Jourdan would have run Raisa Gorbachev 365 bucks.

By midday Tuesday, Trump was sounding as if he'd had his doubts all along, a far cry from last week's fanfare. "Frankly, I think {the symbolism} would be a difficult problem," he said. "Trump Tower represents something very beautiful but also very opulent, and I had always questioned whether or not they'd be able to do it, on a political basis."

As a consolation prize, Donald and Ivana Trump have been invited to Thursday evening's reception at the Soviet Mission, where Trump said he expects to be able to chat with the Soviet media star. He still hopes to build a hotel in Moscow, and he said the Russians still show some interest. "That's one of the reasons they wanted to see Trump Tower so badly," he claimed. "Because they love the building."

Ah well. Undaunted by this minor setback, Trump staged yet another press conference today at the Plaza Hotel, one of his recent acquisitions, to unveil yet another project. The latest is a 10-day bicycle race in May that will wind through six states to a finish line on the Atlantic City Boardwalk at one of Trump's casinos. It will be called -- you guessed this part, didn't you? -- the Tour de Trump.