When Terence Trent D'Arby visited the Bayou two years ago, the experience was reportedly disenchanting: Riding high on his just-breaking success, the sleek balladeer kept the crowd waiting for hours, probably while trying to squeeze his head through the door. Tuesday night at the same club, D'Arby was as nice as could be -- soft-spoken (a little too much so, in fact), unveiling a generous set, and smiling shyly all the while. Perhaps he's realized that, despite his talents, his arrogance was a little misplaced. D'Arby's voice was miked much too low -- a real handicap considering that, though pleasantly raspy and echoing a number of soul crooners, it's not a powerful force. A sweeping gospel-type number, "I Don't Want to Bring Your Gods Down," was delivered with lots of grimacing and knee-bending, but one couldn't ignore that the most challenging cries kept getting stuck midway down his throat. There's one genre that D'Arby practically owns, though, and that's the playful blend of '60s soul and pop on top of which he lays a pleading vocal. Bouncy "Wishing Well" (a bit grittier here) was a hit for that reason, and "I'll Be Alright" pumped along in a like carefree fashion. An encore of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" was a dubious choice, but D'Arby didn't try to summon the song's inherent menace. Instead, he gave it a sort of joyful massed-choir effect -- a mis-reading, maybe, but it worked.