THE CURRENT FOLK revival doesn't have much to do with Peter, Paul & Mary. In fact, what's really being revived is a sort of downbeat rock art music, rooted more in the Velvet Underground's elegant third album and Big Star's manic depressive "Sister Lovers" than in Pete Seeger.

That's certainly the case with Baby Flamehead, a Philadelphia quartet that includes moonlighting Dead Milkman Dean Sabatino and spotlights breathy singer Eden Daniels. Yet as song titles like "Supple Turtles Worry About Milk" indicate, the quartet's lyricist (or lyricists -- the band's debut album, "Life Sandwich," doesn't provide songwriting credits) is no Lou Reed. When Daniels sings "always there like the mist" on "Desire," the album's final song, she's not telling us anything we haven't already heard. Instead, the band's moodiness comes across in tone and texture.

Chris Unrath's guitar and Andy Bresnan's bass are generally acoustic (watch out for "The Circus," though), but the band isn't just mist-ic. The sometimes- chugging "Life Song" is quite lively, and sudden time changes keep things from ever getting too morose. "Sandwich" earns that double-edged new-wave accolade "quirky," but songs like "Corpus Christi" have too much presence to be merely precious.