MIAMI, JUNE 11 -- A third member of the 2 Live Crew rap band who is sought by police on obscenity charges has promised to turn himself in to authorities, police said today.

Separately, Florida Gov. Bob Martinez said he supported arrests of members of the controversial band, describing their music as "audio pornography."

Police arrested lead singer Luther Campbell and band member Chris Wongwon Sunday after 2 Live Crew gave a performance at a nightclub in the Miami suburb of Hollywood in which the band played songs from their album "As Nasty as They Wanna Be."

Last Wednesday, a federal judge declared the album obscene and said anyone caught selling it in three Miami-area counties could be jailed.

A third member of the band, Mark Ross, left the nightclub Sunday morning in a separate car. An arrest warrant was issued for him by the Broward County sheriff's department.

Nick Navarro, the Broward County sheriff, said Ross was expected to surrender to authorities when he returned tonight night from Phoenix, where the band had an engagement.

The three band members face misdemeanor charges for obscene and lewd behavior after two Saturday night performances in which they sang profanity-laced rap lyrics. A fourth member of the band will not be arrested because he does not sing during performances.

"I am going to continue to do my job," Navarro said. "The only people who have been arrested are those who have flagrantly said they would break the law."

Lawyers for the band said they would file an appeal of the federal judge's obscenity ruling this week.

Meanwhile, sales of 2 Live Crew albums are doing a brisk business.

"Business has been amazing. Record sales are booming," said Allen Jacobi, a lawyer for 2 Live Crew.

Charles Freeman, owner of a local record store, was arrested Friday for selling the 2 Live Crew cassette recording to an undercover policeman. Freeman faces a $1,000 fine and a year in jail if convicted.