President Bush turned 66 yesterday and his staff had a little fun at the boss's expense. Early yesterday, the president was out pitching horseshoes, by himself, when an aide came out to retrieve him for his first appointment of the day. As the schedule put it: 7:50 a.m. -- National Council on Aging.

Bush walked back into the White House and took a quick look at the briefing paper prepared for the event. Among the attendees, it listed a Mr. Rip Van Winkle and a Mr. Geritol. When the president arrived in the room for the event, the staff was there to wish him a happy birthday.

Among the presents he received was a jar of Penrose pickled pigs' feet from Republican National Committee Chairman Lee Atwater (recuperating at home from surgery) with a note saying "for the president who has everything, these will make pork rinds look like milk-fed puppies."

When asked how he felt about being 66, the president said, "Slightly worse than being 65. But not bad. Not bad. In fact this has been a happy birthday... . I feel like a spring colt. It's been a good birthday. I hadn't thought so, but good cake, good cards, and not bad." Menem v. Menem Argentina's President Carlos Menem has ordered his wife, Zulema Menem, to move out of the Olivos presidential residence in Buenos Aires. The government confirmed yesterday that the First Lady left rather than face legal eviction by her husband.

The Menems' marital problems have been on Argentina's front pages for months, but the president has refused to say whether he will seek a divorce. The couple have separated many times but reunited in 1988, just before Menem clinched the Peronist presidential nomination.

Zulema Menem told reporters last week she had no plans to leave the residence and hoped her husband would return home following a 12-day foreign trip. She said she was confident they would celebrate their silver wedding anniversary next year in the Olivos residence.

But Menem, who arrived back in Buenos Aires Sunday, went instead to his apartment, and the next day, his wife vacated the 65-acre suburban presidential estate and moved to a Buenos Aires apartment with the couple's son, Carlos, 21, and daughter, Zulemita, 19.

In February, Zulema Menem chastised the president for his wayward behavior. "I hate to speak ill of Carlos, but he is such a womanizer," she told a newspaper interviewer. Her husband has never denied his fondness for beautiful women. "I'm a seducer, not a womanizer," he told a local news magazine a year ago, shortly before he won the presidency. "I can't say I'm a saint because I have no halo. Let's say I'm an ordinary man," he added.

Packwood v. Packwood Sen. Bob Packwood (R-Ore.) announced yesterday that he had filed for a divorce from his wife of 25 years, Georgie.

A brief announcement from the senator's office said "with much regret" that a temporary separation begun in January had not helped the couple resolve problems in their marriage.