Georgette Mosbacher, wife of Secretary of Commerce Robert Mosbacher, will receive the first Courageous Lion Award from Pat Harrison, president of the National Women's Economic Alliance, for her courage in the face of danger. The lion is a stuffed version of the "Wizard of Oz" character. Mosbacher was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday and, said Harrison, creator of the award, "refused to go into her apartment with the gunman. In so doing she may have saved her own life." The assailant demanded that Mosbacher open her door and let him in. Pretending the key didn't work, she fled into an open elevator after giving him her jewels, including her wedding ring and $400 in cash. Breathless? Voiceless

Philadelphia fans may have to settle for "Dick Tracy" if they want to gaze at Madonna this weekend. The singer's three-day commitment is threatened by the nagging sore throat that forced her to cancel three other concerts in the past three weeks. The pop superstar bowed out of last night's Philadelphia opener on doctor's orders, and her publicist said there was only a "50-50" chance she could perform tonight and tomorrow. All three performances were virtually sold out.

Originally thought to have a viral infection, the singer was awaiting the results of Thursday's medical tests before deciding if she could perform the other two shows, said publicist Liz Rosenberg of Warner Records. A final determination will be made this morning. "The doctors have told her she's not allowed to speak at all offstage, which is not so easy for someone with a mouth like Madonna," cracked Rosenberg.

She added that Madonna was continuing her routine of rigorous daily workouts and that if she cancels all three shows at the Spectrum arena, she may return to Philadelphia later this summer to make up the dates. In her last performance Wednesday, a rasping Madonna was reduced to reciting "Like a Virgin" rap-style and at one point introduced herself to the audience as "Kermit the Frog."

Sousa Underfoot

On the occasion of Flag Day on Thursday, John Philip Sousa got his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame in Los Angeles while the U.S. Marine Band played one of his best-known marches, "The Stars and Stripes Forever." The Washington-born Sousa, who died in 1932, directed the Marine Band during five presidential administrations. His is the 1,914th star to be embedded in the storied sidewalk.

Driving Miss Nicole

Is it real or is it celluloid? Nicole Kidman concedes that she and her "Days of Thunder" costar Tom Cruise are together for the moment. "There's nothing more to say except, yeah, we're together," the actress says in the July 12 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. She also admits they sky-dive together, but draws the line at racing. "I'm not a very good driver," she says. "There's a scene in the film where I have to drive an automatic BMW, and I had trouble doing even that."

Dessert of Champions?

There's a lot of pec in all those pills. Matthew Dufresne, the current Mr. Universe, was indicted this week by a federal grand jury in Springfield, Mass., on charges of conspiring to import steroids from Belgium and with possessing 5,000 doses of the drug. Dufresne, 24, was named Mr. Universe last year, not long after becoming Mr. America.