Luther Campbell, the leader of the controversial rap group the 2 Live Crew, has come under attack from yet another corner. Benjamin L. Hooks, executive director of the NAACP, said in a statement this week that his organization found itself "in the position of defending {the 2 Live Crew's} right ... to freedom of expression while at the same time condemning the vicious, sadistic, and demeaning nature of some of their material."

Hooks said: "We are particularly offended by their efforts to wrap the mantle of the black cultural experience around their performances, by saying this is the way it is in the black community... . Our cultural experience does not include debasing our women, the glorification of violence, the promotion of deviant sexual behavior, or the tearing into shreds of our cherished mores of standards of behavior."

But Hooks said the NAACP believed that, as Campbell maintains, many of the attacks on the group "contain some elements of racism." Otherwise, he said, white performers who use profane, sexually explicit lyrics would also be condemned.

The Miami-based group's album "As Nasty as They Wanna Be" has been ruled obscene by a federal judge in Florida. Campbell and one other group member were arrested June 10 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on charges of giving an obscene performance.

Base Concerns

And now even Uncle Sam is having trouble with "As Nasty as They Wanna Be." The album has been yanked from the shelves of the store at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in Santa Ana, Calif., and soon could be off the record racks at Marine air stations at El Toro and Tustin, Calif., and Yuma, Ariz.

The top-selling release was banned at Camp Pendleton last week. According to a camp spokesman, "We did sell the album, but after the stories broke about how it was obscene, we pulled it. It's up to each base whether to sell or not to sell." Future sales at the other bases are in doubt until Brig. Gen. David V. Shuter gets an earful. According to a camp official, "The general has not heard the album. When he gets a chance to listen to it, he'll make a decision."

Kinison's Bodyguard Arrested

Comedian Sam Kinison's bodyguard was arrested Thursday after the entertainer's girlfriend was sexually assaulted at Kinison's home in Los Angeles, police said. Kinison, known for his screaming, foul-mouthed comic routines, was asleep in the Hollywood Hills house at the time of the incident, according to police. Booked at the Hollywood police station was Unway Carter, 22, described by detective Gil Jones as Kinison's 6-foot-4, 300-pound bodyguard.

"The victim was attacked in her bedroom in the residence," said Jones. "After the rape was completed, the victim, in her twenties, excused herself to go to the bathroom," the police spokesman said. After securing a gun in an adjoining bedroom, "she returned and fired four shots at Carter, but missed him." The woman then ran to a neighbor's home to call police.

Jones said the woman was treated for the sexual assault. Royal Nuisance

For the second year in a row, actress Joan Collins has caused a stir at the Royal Ascot horse race near London by venturing into territory reserved for the royal family. She appeared Tuesday, Ladies Day, dressed in a white Chanel suit and wide-brim hat. But it was what Collins wasn't wearing -- the proper badge -- that race officials noticed when they saw her wandering into the Royal Enclosure. "In the confusion I lost my way," Collins told the Ascot officials when they confronted her. No word on whether she offered the same excuse last year. -Compiled from staff and wire reports by Marla Harper