Actor Gene Hackman narrowly avoided a heart attack when he checked into a coronary care unit of St. Vincent Hospital & Medical Center in Portland, Ore., on Tuesday after experiencing chest pains while vacationing on the Oregon coast.

"We think we got him just in the nick of time," a hospital doctor said yesterday at a news conference after he treated the actor for partial blockage of a coronary blood vessel.

The physician said Hackman suffered from a narrowing of an artery leading to the heart and that a balloon catheter was inserted into the artery. Hackman, 60, lives in Beverly Hills, and is best known for his films "The French Connection," "Hoosiers" and "No Way Out." Maples' Family Sues Enquirer

Marla Maples' mother and aunt are suing the National Enquirer, saying the supermarket tabloid published unauthorized photographs of the model who was romantically linked with businessman Donald Trump. The lawsuit, filed yesterday in U.S. District Court, seeks unspecified damages from the Lantana, Fla., newspaper.

Maples' mother, Ann Ogletree, of Dalton, Ga., and aunt, Pat Locklear, of Cohutta, Ga., allege that the Enquirer published without their permission photographs taken by the two women.

The pictures show Trump with Maples and various members of her family. They were published May 1 under the headline, "Caught! Trump and His Mistress. World Exclusive Amazing Photos That Could Cost him $Billions."

The Enquirer also has been sued by Maples' father, who said in an unrelated suit that the newspaper falsely claimed to have interviewed him. Italy Vs. Madonna

Italy's Roman Catholic establishment has slammed pop concerts by singer Madonna as offensive and has started a campaign to stop her European tour from reaching that country. The singer's use of crucifixes and other sacred symbols in concerts and videos has been criticized.

Madonna, 29, whose grandparents were born in Italy and who was brought up a Catholic, is due to play three concerts in Rome and Turin next week. But the Catholic lobby, Famiglia Domani (the Family Tomorrow), said it has written to the cardinal of Rome, asking him to "stop this shameful spectacle {from} taking place in Rome -- a city dear to millions of Catholics."

Famiglia Domani last year succeeded in stopping the broadcast on Italian state television of Madonna's "Like a Prayer" video by threatening to bring a court action for blasphemy. Tammy Faye in the No Zone

Zoning officials yesterday unanimously rejected an appeal by Tammy Faye Bakker, wife of imprisoned PTL ministry founder Jim Bakker, to hold church services at a building in a busy industrial park in Orlando, Fla.

The Orange County Zoning Board cited public safety concerns in upholding a decision to shut down services at the newest site of her New Covenant Ministries -- next door to a welding shop. The ministry, set up in Orlando last year, previously was housed in a shopping mall, a hotel and a piano store.

Attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union who are representing Tammy Faye Bakker accused the zoning panel of "trampling on the First Amendment rights of Mrs. Bakker" because of her husband's conviction and imprisonment in the wake of PTL's collapse.

Zoning officials acted after several Sunday services were held in the building in March.