AS THE "boys of summer" charge through another season, see if you can avoid a strikeout on this movie quiz about Hollywood's treatment of America's national pastime.

1. Who portrays the mysterious woman who initially cuts short Robert Redford's promising career in "The Natural"?

2. In the hit musical "Damn Yankees," an aging fan turns into baseball star "Shoeless Joe" as a result of a pact with the Devil. For which team does he play?

a. New York Yankees

b. Washington Senators

c. Boston Red Sox

3. Who is the coach of the starring Little League team in "The Bad News Bears"?

a. Vincent Gardenia

b. Walter Matthau

c. Dick Van Patten

4. What event is the subject of the 1988 film "Eight Men Out," starring Charlie Sheen?

5. "Stealing Home" features which actor as a minor-league player confronting a personal loss?

a. Mark Harmon

b. Jeff Bridges

c. Mickey Rourke

6. In "Bull Durham," what is the position played by the rookie on whom groupie Susan Sarandon lavishes her considerable attention?

a. pitcher

b. center fielder

c. shortstop

7. "The Pride of the Yankees" stars Gary Cooper as legendary first baseman Lou Gehrig. Who portrayed Gehrig's wife in the film?

a. Teresa Wright

b. Donna Reed

c. Jane Wyman

8. Who does not appear in the 1949 baseball musical "Take Me Out to the Ball Game?"

a. Esther Williams

b. Gene Kelly

c. June Allyson

d. Frank Sinatra

9. In "Bang the Drum Slowly," who stars as the cancer-stricken catcher who wants to play one more season?

10. "Fear Strikes Out" is a 1957 movie about which major league player:

a. Jackie Robinson

b. Jim Piersall

c. Roy Campanella

Bonus: Which film features Jimmy Stewart as a baseball player whose career is sidelined by a call from Uncle Sam's Air Force?


Barbara Hershey

2. b (Senators)

3. b (Walter Matthau)

4. 1919's "Black Sox" scandal

5. a (Mark Harmon)

6. a (pitcher)

7. a (Teresa Wright)

8. c (June Allyson)

9. Robert DeNiro

10. b (Jim Piersall)

Bonus: 1955's "Strategic Air Command"