Friends of Marilyn Quayle surprised her Wednesday by tossing a roller-skating party to celebrate her 41st birthday, which officially falls on July 29.

Rae Evans, a lobbyist for Hallmark Cards who frequently plays tennis with the vice president's wife, had arranged a game. Quayle must have gotten a little suspicious when Evans insisted they stop at Giant to buy some thick socks. Awaiting them at Franconia Roller Skating Rink were 13 more friends who serenaded the birthday girl with organ music.

Then they ate pizza and a birthday cake. Some of her buddies took skating lessons, but some were real pros, like Nancy Sununu and Joanne Kemp, both of whom could skate backward. The guest of honor led the pack, which included Carol Adelman, French Wallop, Gretchen Poston, Pat Burch, Eva Kasten, Colleen Nunn, Sally Danforth, Mary Howell, Honey Skinner, Debbie Dingell and Sheila Tate. Wallop fell but didn't find out until the next day that she had broken her elbow and wrist.

Quayle's gifts included a pair of roller blades and "Game Boy," a portable version of Nintendo. And Evans gave everybody T-shirts printed with a big "41."

The only people who didn't skate were the Secret Service agents.

2 Live Too Tired

2 Live Crew has canceled tonight's performance at Wilmer's Park in Brandywine, according to the band's publicists. Spokeswoman Andrea Torres said lead singer Luther Campbell has canceled 11 engagements because of exhaustion. She said Campbell's physician ordered complete rest.

Trump, Counter Trump

A Manhattan Supreme Court justice ruled Thursday that Donald Trump can be questioned by attorneys representing his estranged wife, Ivana Trump, about an alleged extramarital affair.

The judge ruled that Trump would have to divulge whatever intentions he had toward Marla Maples when he and his wife updated a prenuptial agreement in December 1987. Ivana Trump contends she was tricked into signing papers stipulating that she would get $25 million if she and Trump divorced.

She said she would not have signed the agreement had she been aware of his "adultery and philandering." The judge also ruled that Trump would not have to discuss his relationship with Maples after the 1987 agreement.

Joy Boys' Reunion

For nearly two decades, Ed Walker and Willard Scott told their audiences, "We are the Joy Boys of radio, we chase electrons to and fro." Those words, coupled with a catchy signature tune, became so ingrained in listeners' minds that even today it's impossible to say them without singing them. Walker and Scott, forever "the Joy Boys," will be reunited on the air Monday morning for the first time in 16 years when they fill in at WMAL-AM (630). Veteran hosts Frank Harden and Jackson Weaver are vacationing.

"I'm sure we'll resurrect some of our old bits {such as} 'As the Worm Turns,' our daily soap opera, and I don't know what else to expect," Walker said yesterday.

The Joy Boys stopped working as a team in 1974 when WWDC-AM (1260) was sold and the format was changed. Scott, who has called the Harden and Weaver show each morning at 7:15 a.m. since 1984, will take a vacation day from his morning duties as NBC "Today" show weatherman to be on the air with Walker again. -- Compiled from staff and wire reports by Marla Harper and Jeffrey Yorke