NEW YORK, JULY 24 -- Marla Maples, baring her claws in an increasingly public catfight, says that Ivana Trump "had to know" of her steamy relationship with The Donald and that the former Czechoslovak model is out at society parties while her estranged husband raises their three children.

"When I'm seeing someone, I know every little thing," Maples said. "I'm psychic. And a woman better keep her eyes open."

Ivana Trump fired back through a spokeswoman that "I see my children every single day," while "Donald sees them once a week at most -- and has gone weeks on end without seeing them at all."

Maples' swipe at the wife of the man she loves -- and who she now says loves her -- came today in a Daily News interview, which blew President Bush's Supreme Court nomination of David Souter right off the front page.

After a brief lull while Donald Trump tended to such mundane matters as avoiding bankruptcy, the Trump Triangle has roared back into the news as the glittering mess lurches toward a court showdown next month.

The star witness, unless she succeeds in quashing a subpoena, will be none other than Donald's Georgia honey, who has rocketed to international fame (and a $600,000 jeans endorsement) since her liaison with the married mega-developer became public in January.

Ivana Trump's lawyer, Michael Kennedy, says he has proof that Trump provided Maples with free lodging at his hotels and paid her credit card bills by funneling money through her personal publicist, Chuck Jones. Kennedy told the News that the evidence comes from depositions by Trump bodyguards and employees.

Jones, who also happens to be on Donald Trump's payroll, said today he could not comment on the allegation, but questioned "the propriety, ethics and legality" of Kennedy "leaking sworn testimony."

Maples is "not a mistress," Jones insisted. He said that "Ivana is trying to involve Marla in the whole proceeding. The problems with the Trump marriage have no bearing on her."

Ivana Trump, who is seeking half her husband's fortune, has gone to court to toss out a prenuptial agreement that would give her about $20 million and their Connecticut mansion. While many initially ridiculed the pact as chintzy, some divorce experts now say Ivana would be lucky to get that much from the debt-ridden tycoon who is trying to sell off several prized properties and has been limited by his bankers to a mere $450,000 a month in personal spending.

In the Daily News interview, Maples, 26, appeared to drop the coy disclaimers about the extracurricular relationship that Trump, 44, has always described as just a friendship.

"There is no way {Ivana} could not have known" about the relationship, Maples said. She added, however, that "I'm not a homewrecker" and that "Donald has wanted a divorce for years."

The actress said she finds Ivana Trump "cold." She complained that The Donald's estranged wife is "out every night in London and New York, going on dates to her society parties, while Donald is at home raising the children."

Maples, a former billboard pinup whose film credits include being crushed by a truckload of watermelons, declared that "Ivana can't get half his money. They have a solid agreement. So why fight it? She can't. She signed it, three times, was very happy with it. ... I hear she really wants to go back to him. But that could be a game she's playing."

Maples also said she would consider marrying her leading man. "This could be a story with a very beautiful ending," she said.

Ivana Trump, 41, who is planning her own line of cosmetics, was at a Paris fashion show Monday. In her statement, she called Maples' comments about her frenetic social life "totally untrue ... I won't dignify anything Marla Maples has to say. She sounds just like Donald."

Donald Trump's spokesman, Dan Klores, said that "to enter into a public debate as to which parent cares for {the children} more would be silly. He spends an awful lot of time with his kids, especially since Ivana seems to be doing so much traveling."

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled last week that Donald Trump must testify about his relationships with Maples and other women as part of the court battle over the prenuptial pact signed by the Trumps on Christmas Eve 1987. Any "concealments" by the casino mogul before that date are relevant to Ivana Trump's claim that she would not have signed the agreement had she known of his alleged philandering, Justice Phyllis Gangel-Jacob said.

Still, the wheeler-dealer may have a trump card in this game of Who Knew What When. In court papers cited by the New York Post last week, Ivana Trump acknowledged that her husband had asked her about having "an open marriage" as early as 1986. But, she added, "He knew I was too old-fashioned a girl to even tolerate any other sexual relationship or affair."