EL SEGUNDO, CALIF., JULY 30 -- Zsa Zsa Gabor today left the jail where she chose to spend her 72-hour sentence for slapping a Beverly Hills police officer, virtually ending her publicity-mad misdemeanor case.

Surrounded by about 100 reporters and onlookers and at least one heckler who told her to go back to Hungary, Gabor, 72, said she spent her jail time doing secretarial work that was slightly hampered by her ignorance of the alphabet.

"I had to file, but I don't know the ABCs, so they wrote out the ABCDE for me," she said outside the jail. "I did very well."

Gabor said that on returning to her Bel-Air home, "I want to take a hot bath and talk to my dogs and my horses."

Retired custodian Fred DeGrazio, 72, of Hawthorne documented the release with a video camera and running commentary. "I have nothing else to do," he explained.

"She should go back to Hungary and be the aristocrat she thinks she is," he said shortly before Gabor's release.

"Why don't you jump in a coffin?" snapped Gabor's husband, Frederick Von Anhalt, who said the previous 72 hours had been tough on him. "My weekend was terrible. My wife, she wasn't home," he complained.

On Friday, Gabor began her 72-hour sentence for slapping a policeman during a traffic stop last year. She paid $85 a day to do her time at the El Segundo jail rather than have the county pick accommodations for her.

"I was very happily surprised," she said of her stay in the Los Angeles suburb. "Everybody was warm and nice and sweet. It was okay. The Beverly Hills police should come and take lessons from this police."

But there was that moment of terror.

"At first I was petrified," she said. "They even took my makeup away." She also scolded reporters for a weekend story that her husband delivered silk sheets to the jail.

"I didn't have silk sheets. I don't even have silk sheets at home. I was on a horse blanket," she said.

She also declared the food to be "terrible."

Municipal Judge Charles Rubin ordered the jail sentence last May after ruling Gabor had violated probation by failing to perform 120 hours of community service at a shelter for homeless women. He increased the community service time to 145 1/2 hours.

Along with her jail time and community service, Rubin ordered Gabor to pay nearly $13,000 in fines and restitution.

Gabor's attorney, Harrison Bull of Santa Barbara, said finishing the jail sentence completes the actress's debt to society. "I filed notice of completion last week. I am going to say she completed more than 200 hours of community service," considerably more than she was asked to do, said Bull. Of the $13,000 in fines, $10,000 has been paid and the rest will be paid this week, he said.