NEW YORK, AUG. 8 -- A federal judge today ordered a conservative religious organization to distribute a correction to a pamphlet used to press its case that the National Endowment for the Arts is supporting pornography.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge William C. Conner came in a lawsuit by artist David A. Wojnarowicz against the American Family Association of Tulepo, Miss., and its executive director, David E. Wildmon.

The judge said the pamphlet used cropped images of Wojnarowicz's work to suggest he created sexually explicit images. Its distribution probably had harmed the artist's professional and personal reputation, he said.

Conner made permanent an earlier injunction that barred any further publication of the pamphlet, titled "Your Tax Dollars Helped Pay for These Works of Arts."

The judge also awarded $1 in damages to Wojnarowicz, who had sought up to $1 million. He said Wojnarowicz had not proven financial damage because no galleries or museums had canceled exhibits of his work.

Conner said Wildmon must send a court-approved "corrective communication" to all who received the pamphlet. The association sent the pamphlet to 4,000 churches, members of Congress and other individuals as part of its campaign against the endowment.

Wildmon had objected to several of Wojnarowicz's works exhibited earlier this year at the Illinois State University Galleries. A catalogue of reproductions of 60 of his paintings, collages and photographs was partly financed by the NEA.

Tim Wildmon, the executive director's son, said the association had not made a decision on whether to appeal the order to distribute a correction.