While the jury in Mayor Marion Barry's trial was tying itself in knots over the 14 charges against Barry, the mayor himself was to be found at the movies Thursday night at Union Station with his wife, Effi, and two bodyguards. His choice of celluloid escape? "Presumed Innocent."

Mrs. Quayle, Up & Around Again

"You're looking so well," President Bush told Marilyn Quayle yesterday at her first public appearance since undergoing a hysterectomy more than two weeks ago. The occasion was the signing of legislation authorizing $50 million for grants to states to develop programs for early screening of breast and cervical cancer. At the White House ceremony, Bush called Mrs. Quayle a "source of strength to us all," and said that "she told all Americans the time has come to declare war on cancer." Mrs. Quayle, whose mother died of breast cancer and who has been outspoken on the need for early cancer detection and treatment, is said to be "feeling fine," but is not planning to resume a normal schedule for at least another month.

Brando Bail Update

The famous missing passport has been found and Christian Brando will be released on bail pending his trial on murder charges. Bail was lowered from $10 million to $2 million, a figure that Christian's father, actor Marlon Brando, found easier to come up with, in the form of his Bel-Air, Calif., estate. The elder Brando spoke freely to the media for the first time in years, saying he believed his son's story that the shooting of Dag Drollet was an accident. "Christian never lied to me once," he said, "he has always told me the truth."

Superstars in Sickness and Health

First Madonna, then Janet Jackson, now Sinead... . The three popular female recording artists have all taken ill on their current tours, with Irish star Sinead O'Connor being the latest. The undiagnosed illness that forced her to shorten a concert this week in Pittsburgh is threatening other dates. Madonna seems to have recovered from exhaustion and voice problems that sidelined her last month; onstage in France this week she had this to say: "Speaking of grabbing crotches, Roseanne Barr, baby, thumbs up! So I say to America: Get a {expletive} sense of humor. Spend your time worrying about how many girls Warren Beatty has slept with. Now that's important!"

Reversing a Pulitzer Prize?

The Washington-based conservative watchdog group Accuracy in Media has asked the New York Times to request that the Pulitzer Prize committee rescind its 1932 award to Walter Duranty, according to a report in the current U.S. News & World Report. Duranty, the Times's Moscow bureau chief, won the award for exclusive interviews with Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. According to a new biography of Duranty, who died in 1957, he covered up the Red Army's deliberate starvation of millions of Ukrainians as well as other atrocities to curry favor with Stalin. The Times recently published a rave review of that biography, "Stalin's Apologist," by S.J. Taylor.

Grateful Dead Overdose Confirmed

Grateful Dead keyboardist Brent Mydland died of a drug overdose, it was reported yesterday by the Contra Costa, Calif., coroner's office. Mydland was found dead in his home on July 26. Toxicology tests revealed lethal levels of morphine and cocaine. -- Compiled from staff and wire reports by Eric Brace