It was wall-to-wall dancing at the 24-7 Spyz gig Wednesday night at the 9:30 club. Hip-hopping from Clintonesque funk to speed metal and hard rock, the band was its own worst enemy, shifting gears a little too often, losing the groove momentum it seemed to create so effortlessly. Maybe that's the problem: The various styles seem to come so easily to this talented foursome that perhaps it's too intent on showing its range.

The Spyz were at their best on the simpler songs, like the overtly political "We'll Have Power." It's a two-chord near-reggae piece over which P. Fluid sang in his best Bob Marley voice, letting the melody reign supreme. His singing has improved substantially since the Spyz' last time through town, and he relies less on chants and raps to get his socially conscious messages across. "Don't Break My Heart" was another success, its simple rock structure and great chorus lying comfortably on top of a crushing funk beat. The numerous long Funkadelic-style dance numbers, like "We Got a Date," got boring, with Jimi Hazel's rambling metallic guitar riffs substituting inadequately for hooks and melodies.

24-7 Spyz are still one of the best of the hybrid punk-funk bands that are proliferating in the alternative music scene. Despite its unfocused journeying through musicland, the band makes it fun to be up sweating way past bedtime.