O.B. Hardison Jr., the educator, author and former director of the Folger Library who died earlier this month, was remembered yesterday at a memorial service at the Holy Trinity Church in Northwest Washington. Among those paying tribute to him were the Rev. Timothy Healy, former president of Georgetown University; poet Anthony Hecht; and W. Willard Wirtz, secretary of labor during the Johnson administration. Wirtz said of Hardison, "He lived in the past, the present, and in what's to come. He will be forever with us, in infinity." Hardison, author of the recent "Disappearing Through the Skylight: Culture and Technology in the 20th Century," was said to have inhabited a spiritual plane "somewhere between Geneva and Rome," and to answer, when asked about his own religious leanings, "I worship Milton."

Cher's Body-Beautiful Adornment

Yes, it's true Cher has added another tattoo to the body-that-has-sold-a-thousand-health-club-memberships. Her latest is a chain, with links winding from her shoulder to her left elbow. On Mary Hart's syndicated TV special she said, "This one will probably end my film career." Doubtful.

Pageant Official Bows Out

After being investigated for impropriety by the Miss America organization, B. Don Magness has resigned from his volunteer position as head of the Miss Texas pageant, a position he held for 20 years.

The investigation was undertaken after an article in the current issue of Life magazine quoted former Miss Texas contestants as saying Magness had made advances and lewd comments. Magness said in his announcement that he resigned to avoid harming the chances of the reigning Miss Texas in next month's Miss America contest. He will remain on the board of directors of the Texas pageant.

Hospital Report

Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley was released from a New York hospital yesterday, nine days after doctors removed a benign growth from his prostate.

"He is recuperating very well. The doctors have all expressed satisfaction, and there are no complications at all," said Ian Edwards, information minister at the Jamaican Consulate.

Manley, 65, underwent a four-hour operation Aug. 15 at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital. The prime minister will remain in New York as an outpatient until next week and then will return to Jamaica, Edwards said.

Meanwhile, rhythm and blues singer Curtis Mayfield, paralyzed by an accident at a New York concert Aug. 13, left a Brooklyn hospital yesterday for a spinal care treatment center near his Atlanta home. Mayfield, 48, co-founder of the Impressions, was about to go onstage when a gust of wind blew a light tower on top of him.

Honest Abe, Endorsed

Never underestimate the drawing power of Abraham Lincoln. Disney Corp. learned that after it announced it would replace its Disneyland "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" attraction with the Muppets. Workers and visitors alike protested with such vehemence that the decision has been reversed. The animated Lincoln character in the display rises from his seat and gives excerpts from speeches 51 times a day, seven days a week. Disney hopes the Muppets will be a big tourist draw and and will continue looking for a spot for them.

Gulf Crisis Humor

Comedian Jay Leno, discussing the Iraqi invasion on "The Tonight Show," said, "President Bush has frozen Iraq's assets and he's seeking the proper economic sanctions to punish them. How about putting their assets in a savings and loan? Then they'll really be sorry."

-- Compiled from staff and wire reports by Eric Brace