THE LEMON SISTERS (PG-13) -- Diane Keaton, Carol Kane and Kathryn Grody star in Joyce Chopra's movie about three girlfriends. Also features Elliott Gould and Ruben Blades, with a special appearance by Aidan Quinn. Area theaters.

LENSMAN (Unrated) -- This animated adventure set in the 25th-century is about Kim, a young man who straps on a wrist lens made by the good-sided Galactic Patrol, which bestows him with magical powers and aids him in his mission against the evil forces of Boskone. Yet another offering in an explosion of animated movies coming from Japan, this effort by directors Yoshiaki Kawajiri and Kazuyuki Hirokawa doesn't rate nearly as highly as its contemporaries. The animation is hokey and cheap-looking; the voice dubbing is amateurish, and the plotline is pretty much an unmanned mission into never-ending pockets of space with shameless plunderings from "Star Wars." Kim is basically Luke Skywalker, who gets a beyond-the-grave, godspeed message from his father. There's also a cylindrical robot, a furry, burly friend, a woman with a Princess Leia-like hairstyle . . . Given this number of Lucas borrowings, it seems renting "Star Wars" or "The Empire Strikes Back" would make far more sense. Biograph.