LONDON -- A British airman's account of the shooting down of Germany's Red Baron flying ace in World War I is to be sold by Christie's auction house here next month.

The logbook, dated April 21, 1918, and belonging to Lt. Lionel Lomas of the Royal Flying Corps, tells how Baron Manfred von Richthofen was attacked by Canadian Capt. Roy Brown.

Lomas, who misspelled Richthofen's name, wrote in his log: "Met 24 Triplanes and Albertros Scouts with 14 {Sopwith} Camels. Three brought down by the formation. Capt. Brown shot down Baron von Richtoven."

Since the death of Richthofen, who brought down 80 enemy aircraft during World War I, there has been debate about whether the kill was Brown's or whether the German ace was shot down by Australian soldiers on the ground.

The seat of Richthofen's aircraft was presented to the Canadian Military Institute by Brown.

The log is expected to fetch between $1,880 and $2,800 and could sell to a museum, a collector or a Richthofen enthusiast.

"It's generated an awful lot of interest as an historical piece," a spokeswoman for Christie's said.

Richthofen, known as the Red Baron because he painted his aircraft that color, flew a Fokker triplane for 19 of his 80 confirmed victories. Most of his kills -- including his first, in 1916 at the age of 24 -- were in an Albatros scout aircraft.