It was a cross between a Turner family reunion and a Republican pep rally. At former police chief and Republican mayoral candidate Maurice Turner's headquarters in the Investment Building -- Room 911 to be exact -- a couple of hundred supporters gathered to celebrate "the Chief's" unopposed primary victory and to gear up for the November election.

"There are a lot of cousins here," said Turner's 30-year-old daughter, Andree, a nurse at D.C. General Hospital, surveying the room. "Aunts and uncles. And distant cousins I don't even know."

There were also a lot of young, fresh-scrubbed faces in sweat shirts that read "Aspen" and "Villanova," blue jeans and Docksides with no socks. RNC folks. From Virginia. They came to lend support and spend the night putting up signs.

"Tomorrow," said campaign press secretary Lon Walls, "this town is going to be flooded with signs."

The party was held in what looked like a basement rec room: small and stuffy, decorated with red, white and blue balloons and signs that read, "Maurice Turner walking the beat for a new direction." Turner-for-mayor radio commercials -- 30-second spots -- kept playing over and over on the box stereo. In the corner was a television, set on Channel 4. While waiting for some poll results, guests were munching barbecue meatballs, fried chicken wings and cold cuts, swilling fruit punch and chatting up the evening's happenings -- primarily the fact that Sharon Pratt Dixon was doing well.

At 9:30, Turner addressed the crowd. Time to fire up the troops.

"Here comes the mayor!" bellowed one supporter and the sedate crowd erupted into a cheering section.

"If you look at the preliminary vote," said Turner, referring to Dixon's lead, "it shows that the people in this town want a change."

"Turner! Turner! Turner!"

"And we are going to bring about that change on Nov. 6. There are going to be Democrats for Maurice Turner. Independents for Maurice Turner. And we're going to have Republicans for Maurice Turner."

There was a flurry of hoots.

"We did not rent a fancy hotel room," he said.

"Amen!" shouted someone.

"Or serve champagne," he said.

"Uh hum," chanted someone else.

"We want to show the people that we are serious about what we have set out to achieve!"

"Turner! Turner! Turner!"