The stars, directors and producers of "Miller's Crossing" will attend a local screening of the new movie in a benefit for Filmfest DC.

Local producers (and brothers) Ted and Jim Pedas and Ben Barenholtz will join directors (and brothers) Joel and Ethan Coen and actors John Turturro, Gabriel Byrne, Marcia Gay Harden and John Polito at 7:30 Monday at the Avalon theater, 5612 Connecticut Ave. NW, for the screening and a reception afterward at Caffe Rossini across the street.

Admission to the film is $15; $50 for the film and reception. Contributions to Filmfest DC, the international film festival held every spring, are tax-deductible. Call 727-2396.

FIVE SHORTS by Peter Greenaway will be shown at 6:30 Friday at the American Film Institute. The films, which demonstrate this extraordinary British director's mesmeric passion for numerology, arcana, juxtapositions, coincidence and strange statistics, are "Water Wrackets" (1975), "Windows" (1975), "Dear Phone" (1977), "H is for House" (1978) and "Vertical Features Remake" (1979).

Admission to AFI at the Kennedy Center is $6 ($5 members). For AFI's recorded schedule, call 785-4600.

THE OFF the Wall Video Festival, a crazy potpourri of animation, claymation and music videos, will be shown at 8 and 10 Friday at the University of Maryland's Center of Adult Education building on the campus at University Boulevard and Adelphi Road in College Park. Admission is $4. For more information, call 317-8381.