Capsule reviews by Desson Howe unless noted. OPENINGS

DESPERATE HOURS (R) -- In Michael Cimino's new movie, Mickey Rourke plays a psychotic criminal who breaks out of jail, then bursts into the quiet home of Anthony Hopkins and Mimi Rogers to hold them hostage. It also features Kelly Lynch as a stylish lawyer who unwittingly helps Rourke escape and Lindsay Crouse as an FBI agent. Area theaters.

FANTASIA (G) -- Walt Disney's well-known cartoon, set to a great collection of classical music, has been restored and rereleased on its 50th anniversary. Area theaters.

LISTEN UP: THE LIVES OF QUINCY JONES (PG-13) -- This documentary on the songwriter, music scorer and producer is so busy being slick, it often slides right over the subject. The migraine-inducing editing skips between interviews with unenlightening pseudo-hipness; it's that cliched, frenetic style that characterizes MTV and the slicker TV commercials. Once you get past the visual gymnastics, and the predictable fawnings over The Great Quincy, there is a great deal to enjoy. This is mainly because producer Courtney Sale Ross and director Ellen Weissbrod have amassed an impressive array of famous -- and wildly chatty -- people to talk about Jones. There's cuddly Dizzy Gillespie and shades-covered Flavor Flav of Public Enemy; Alex Haley and Steven Spielberg (who calls Jones a "spraygun of love"); Barbra Streisand and rapper Ice-T; Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson (who requests the lights be turned out for his interview). The list is endless. But it's Miles Davis who steals the show. "So I met him, you know," he says at one point, in his idiosyncratic, breathy rasp. "I think we had some of the same girlfriends." There are stirring and funny observations from the interviewees all over the place, but only a choppy, impressionistic portrait emerges. Given how much Ross and Wiessbrod barrage you with, it's surprising how little you really find out about the man. Cineplex Odeon Wisconsin Avenue.

MARKED FOR DEATH (R) -- Steven Seagal is a retired DEA agent who discovers a drug dealer named Screwface has moved into his neighborhood. Also stars Joanna Pacula and Keith David. Area theaters.