Coming out onstage in a giant chicken costume might have been singer Tommy Christ's way of telling the audience that this Scatterbrain show was going to be really zany and out of control. Wednesday night at the Bayou, however, he only heated himself up, doffing the outfit after three numbers while the crowd remained tepid.

These five guys are supposed to be the next big metal-funk thing, dethroning the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but they seem burdened by the lack of anything to say. "I'm With Stupid," sung through a broken megaphone, and "Don't Call Me 'Dude,' " (an encore performed in drag, with lots of bad sex jokes) were slightly interesting, but their titles indicate their depth. The rest of the set rarely found a groove, a fatal flaw for a party band.

Drummer Mike Boyko was hampered by an awful snare drum sound, and he overplayed his de rigueur double kick drum setup constantly, but showed his technical training when leading nearly every song through multiple time changes. The guitarists and the bass player jumped around, going through the motions of having fun, showing the toll of steady touring. When the audience showed no inclination to demand an encore and had to be goaded over the PA into clapping a little louder, it showed that you can't fool all the people all the time.