FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA., OCT. 8 -- The obscenity trial of the Miami rap group 2 Live Crew opened today in a Broward County courtroom with a profane outburst by band leader Luther Campbell, an accusation of judicial bias and a demand that the state's jury selection law be declared unconstitutional.

The courtroom pandemonium left little time for the day's main task -- picking a jury. That will resume Tuesday morning.

Campbell stunned a courtroom full of potential jurors when he stormed out, infuriated that the judge was reading aloud lyrics from the band's album "As Nasty as They Wanna Be."

"Why is she reading the {expletive}?" Campbell shouted as he stormed down a courthouse corridor. "What the hell is she doing, man?"

The jury question dominated much of today's proceedings, with the defense asking the judge to overturn the state's jury selection law as it is applied to obscenity trials, saying it is racially biased.

Judge June L. Johnson said she would see how jury selection proceeded before she made a ruling. She decided to choose jurors from a larger-than-usual pool, of 70 people.

Prosecutors surprised the judge by asking her to disqualify herself from hearing the case because as a law student 15 years ago, Johnson took a class taught by the band's lead defense attorney and might be biased.