MOST "industrial" bands deal in cheap horror-movie shocks and off-the-shelf existential nausea, but Consolidated is different. The San Francisco trio's "The Myth of Rock" provides Marxist cultural critiques and self-flagellating white guilt and comes emblazoned with the slogan "the culture industry shall be dismantled."

"Shall?" That's pretty formal talk by the standards of most rappers, but Consolidated is nothing if not stiff. Perhaps the only band that ever tried to conclude a 9:30 club set with a political consciousness- raising encounter session with the audience, this "collective" is proof that hip-hop's deconstructionist style is no better suited to leftist deconstructionist lyrics -- "don't let them deceive you with the legitimation of their myth" is one catchy line from "America Number One" -- than any other music.

The opening bit, which intercuts between a feminist critique of rock and vapid MTV sloganeering, is good prickly fun, and the group does create a thick, bubbling stew of synthbeats and sampled sounds. A few Woody Allen samples on "Is This the Cheese Dip?," though, is not enough to get the lead out of Consolidated's heavy-handedness.

CONSOLIDATED -- "The Myth of Rock" (Nettwerk/IRS). Appearing Friday with MC 900 Ft. Jesus at the 9:30 club.