LOS ANGELES, NOV. 2 -- Marlon Brando's daughter, a central figure in her half-brother's murder trial, regained consciousness today at a Tahiti hospital after slipping into a coma from a drug overdose.

The actor flew to Tahiti to be with 20-year-old Cheyenne, who was taken to the hospital Thursday night after taking an overdose of tranquilizers and antidepressants, said Robert Shapiro, the lawyer for Christian Brando.

Christian, 32, is charged with murder in the fatal shooting in May of his sister's Tahitian lover, Dag Drollet. His trial, scheduled to begin here Monday, was postponed today until an appeals court can review Cheyenne's role in the case. She was charged by French authorities in Tahiti as an accessory to Drollet's murder and had been forbidden to leave the island, where she recently gave birth to Drollet's child.

"It really puts a damper on everything," Shapiro said of the overdose. "The concern of everyone now is for her health and recovery, and the criminal case seems less important."

Christian is "very depressed by this, exceedingly depressed. What else can happen?" Shapiro said. "It just is a continuing chain of horrible events for both the Brandos and the Drollets."

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys Steven Barshop and William Clark said today that they had no immediate comment on the developments.

Prosecutors want Cheyenne Brando to testify at her half-brother's trial. The state Supreme Court on Thursday referred to an appeals court a prosecution request to delay the trial pending the outcome of efforts to bring her to Los Angeles.

Shapiro has stated in court that Cheyenne Brando had a drug problem. Before she left the United States, he said, she ingested cleanser.

A physician at Mamao Hospital today confirmed that she was at the Tahitian facility.

"I can't say anything further without the authorization of the family," he said. "She's hospitalized. That's all I can say."

Meanwhile, Clark confirmed a report that Cheyenne Brando once gave a statement implicating her father in the slaying of her lover. Shapiro said it was one of five conflicting statements she gave and that she eventually recanted it.

"I accused ... my father of complicity in the murder of Dag, because I thought he was fixated with 'The Godfather' and that he was crazy on the subject," she said, according to the syndicated television program "Hard Copy," which said it obtained a copy of her deposition to a Tahitian court.

"He was jealous of my life and my happiness and he always wanted me to take care of him," she said of her father. "However, I must tell you that I retracted my accusation of complicity that I made at the moment of Dag's death because I was traumatized."

In the statement, Cheyenne Brando told the judge: "Your honor, you must see this film {'The Godfather'}. You will understand everything."

Marlon Brando has said his daughter has had emotional problems since a serious car crash last year. The last time he accompanied his son to court he burst into tears when asked about his daughter's condition.

Cheyenne Brando is the daughter of Tahitian actress Tarita Tariipia, the actor's third wife, who appeared with him in the 1962 remake of "Mutiny on the Bounty." Christian Brando's mother is actress Anna Kashfi, Brando's first wife.