Capsule reviews by Desson Howe unless noted. OPENINGS

L'ATALANTE (Unrated) --

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Remember Chucky, the nasty, murderous doll with the foul mouth? You thought he died, didn't you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, he's back. Don Mancini who directed the original, returns as scriptwriter, as do Chucky designer Kevin Yagher, child actor (Chucky's friend) Alex Vincent and Brad Dourif, who supplies Chucky's voice. Area theaters.


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See review on page 53.

MR. FROST (R) --

Killer-gentleman Jeff Goldblum is in a psychiatric ward for the murder of 24 victims found buried on his English country estate. His psychiatrist, Kathy Baker, finds herself alternately repulsed by and attracted to this man. Also features Alan Bates as Goldblum's arresting officer. K-B Janus.


When grown-up orphan Seraphin Monge (Patrick Bruel) returns to his childhood home after World War I, a road mender (Christian Barbier) informs Monge his family was slaughtered and three men were executed for the crime. But he becomes convinced the real killers still lurk. Georges Lautner directs from a novel by Pierre Magnan. In French with subtitles. K-B Janus.

OTHELLO (Unrated) --

Actor Ted Lange makes his directorial debut in this disappointing "Othello." OK, very disappointing. Much is made of the casting of black actors Hawthorne James and Dawn Comer as traditionally white Iago and Emilia, respectively. But, black or white, they're just not that good. Nor is Lange. Nor is anybody, including Domenick Allen as a pallid Cassio, and David Kozubel who, as Desdemona's father, Brabantio, suggests a cross between Ed Koch and Frank Perdue. As Desdemona, Mary Otis is little more than a pleasant face -- certainly no one to become murderously obsessed with. So who cares about that handkerchief? Lange, incidentally, will discuss his movie after the 7 p.m. show on Friday. Biograph.


In this sequel to the 1972 blaxploitation classic, original "Superfly" Ron O'Neal is missing. But soap star Nathan Purdee takes over as Priest, the reformed dope dealer, who has returned from exile in France to rediscover his roots, only to get caught up in a drug war. Also features Margaret Avery. Area theaters.