The winners of the Lab School of Washington's Learning Disabled Achiever Awards last night were Donald Coffey, distinguished professor of urology, oncology, pharmacology and molecular sciences at Johns Hopkins University; Marc Flanagan, Emmy winner for his work as writer/producer of the Tracey Ullman Show and a graduate of Potomac's Churchill High School; John Horner, a Montana paleontologist; and Hugh Newell Jacobsen, an award-winning District architect.

At the black-tie ceremony at the Grand Hyatt, Horner was not too comfortable in his tuxedo. He did a quick change into his more familiar field uniform of jeans and a red corduroy shirt after the awards presentation and before the dinner. Coffey, a Civil War buff, was happy to find himself next to Maj. Gen. Edward Atkeson, and spent most of the evening sketching out the Battle of Gettysburg on the back of the program, showing ways that Lee could have won.

Taking It to the Sioux

The ad campaign for the film "Dances With Wolves" has taken a new twist. In an attempt to reach the Sioux community, radio ads in the Lakota Sioux language will be broadcast on a network of Indian radio stations. In the film, which stars Kevin Costner as a Civil War hero who becomes sympathetic to the plight of the Plains Indians, much of the dialogue is in Lakota. David Forbes, marketing director for Orion Pictures, says the ads will reach a key audience for the movie and will help support the Indian business community.

Madonna and the Glamour Gap

Madonna, one of the winners of Glamour magazine's "Ten Women of the Year" awards, skipped the ceremony last weekend because of a gap flap, says columnist Liz Smith. Madonna was the cover girl for the latest issue of Glamour, and the magazine's art department did a little magic, hiding the endearing gap between the singer's front teeth. Madonna apparently believes she is the only one who can manipulate her image, and insiders say she and new beau Tony Ward stayed away in protest of the airbrushing.

Good Reads for the Gulf

Timothy Karnes, publisher of Auction Guide magazine, has begun Operation Desert News, a nonprofit effort to get reading materials to the troops in Saudi Arabia. He is asking magazine publishers to donate their publications, and so far more than 31 magazines have been cleared by the Defense Department for shipment. The selection process had to take into account Saudi customs: "What to you is a woman in a bathing suit or a man in a bathing suit is pornography to them," said an Army spokesman. So what made the cut? Bowling Digest, Life, the Nation, Baseball America and Snowmobile, among others. "Snowmobile doesn't have a lot of women showing a lot of skin," Karnes said.

Teething Ring Circus

The Moscow Circus, now on tour in the United States, added a new member this month in Houston when high-wire performer Malvina Stepanov gave birth to daughter Katia. Father Sasha and Malvina were married a year ago in Texas while on tour. Said grandmother Olaih Abakarov: "I am proud to see my daughter gave birth to her daughter in America -- in a free country. I would like to see my granddaughter grow up in the country where she was born." Abakarov also tours with the company.