OSHKOSH, WIS., NOV. 21 -- The coordinator of a witness/victim protection program was fired today for signing a contract for movie and book rights in the rape case of a woman who doctors say has 46 personalities.

The same day she was fired, Shelia Carmichael filed a letter with the trial judge alleging that the woman was still being sexually exploited by another person, described as a close acquaintance.

Winnebago County District Attorney Joseph Paulus said Carmichael was fired for breaking county rules that prohibited her from profiting from her role as a counselor to Sarah, the victim in the widely publicized case.

Carmichael signed a contract along with three prosecution witnesses in the case that would have guaranteed her 20 percent of any profits Sarah received from any books or movie about the case, he said.

Carmichael said Sarah wanted her to be involved in the deal and that she received no financial compensation.

Paulus called Carmichael's actions deplorable and compared them to the man convicted this month of exploiting the woman's mental illness to have sex with him.

"It was always the state's position that the victim had been manipulated by the defendant. It's very unfortunate and despicable that this has to happen all over again," the prosecutor said.

Carmichael said she never intended to exploit Sarah and had signed a very limited partnership agreement with three prosecution witnesses Nov. 14, six days after the rape trial ended.

She said she signed the deal at the request of the 27-year-old victim to ensure that any publication or movie deals would be handled properly.

"She {Sarah} was very concerned about how she would be portrayed in anything that would arise from all of this," Carmichael said. "She wanted to make sure I was involved in all of this."

Paulus said he would investigate the new allegation that Sarah was still being sexually exploited.

"We already asked the victim and she denied that it is true. I don't know whether it is true but we'll look into it. If the victim denies it is true, I'm not sure there's much we can do," Paulus said.

He also questioned Carmichael's motives for filing the letter with Judge Robert A. Hawley the same day she was fired. In the letter, Carmichael alleged Paulus knew about past and current sexual exploitation of the woman and didn't bring it up to ensure a conviction.

George Curtis, a lawyer for the victim, said his client was "somewhat overwhelmed" by the report of continuing sexual exploitation.