OSHKOSH, WIS. -- Sarah, a woman with 46 personalities who was the subject of a recent sexual assault case, has acknowledged having sex with a key witness in the trial.

Winnebago County District Attorney Joseph Paulus said the 27-year-old woman confirmed allegations in a court document that she had a sexual relationship with Gerald Reeves, her downstairs neighbor.

"She said, 'It's true, I did do it,' " Paulus said, adding he was uncertain whether the alleged relationship would result in new criminal charges.

Under Wisconsin law, it is a crime to have sex with a mentally ill person if the person is so severely impaired he or she can't appreciate the consequences of the behavior, and if the other person knows of the illness.

Mark Peterson, 29, of Oshkosh, was convicted earlier this month of sexually assaulting the woman. Authorities argued he was guilty of a crime because he manipulated one of her personalities in June two days after he met her.

Paulus said it is not clear whether any charges would be filed against Reeves.

He said it would depend on whether Sarah would file a complaint and whether it could be proved she was taken advantage of because of her condition, called multiple personality disorder.

Reeves, who testified during the trial about the victim's vulnerability, did not return telephone messages left at his house yesterday by reporters seeking comment.

He said in an earlier interview he was unaware of the allegations.

Peterson's attorney, Mary Lou Robinson, said she would proceed with her plan to request a new trial for her client, adding the latest allegations would assist her appeal.

"The way this case developed has brought mockery upon the court system," she said.

Allegations that Reeves had a relationship with the woman were contained in a letter sent Wednesday by a former Winnebago County counselor to county Circuit Judge Robert Hawley.

Sheila M. Carmichael, who counseled the woman, was fired earlier Wednesday for entering into a contract last week for movie and publication rights involving the victim's story.