PASADENA, CALIF., NOV. 25 -- The Doo Dah Parade, an irreverent spoof of the esteemed Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day, lured about 75,000 spectators curb-side for 90 minutes of belly laughs today.

Characters dressed as Zsa Zsa Gabor, Roseanne Barr, Milli Vanilli, Bart Simpson and even Saddam Hussein strutted their stuff -- or got roasted -- in "the 15th occasional" running of the Thanksgiving weekend event.

A well-behaved crowd gathered to witness the mile-long procession, said police Sgt. Kevin Hall.

Unlike the stately Rose Parade, the Doo Dah Parade has no theme, no prizes and no judge.

But like the parade it lampoons, it has a queen. This year's monarch was waitress Lila Johnson, who was crowned after winning an arm-wrestling contest.

The pop music duo Milli Vanilli was lampooned by many entrants, including the Do It Yourself Milli Vanilli Band lip-syncing "Girl You Know It's True."

Last week, the pair returned the 1990 Best New Artist Grammy after it was revealed they never sang a note on the hit record.

Roseanne Barr also was targeted. The world's largest shopping cart was pushed down the street on a mission to fill the rotund comedian's grocery list.

Boos greeted the Roseanne Barr National Anthem Drill Team, which screeched out a rendition of the actress's infamous performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" while a group in San Diego Padres uniforms plugged their ears.

Television was made fun of, too, as the group Thursday Night Fight put Bart Simpson and Bill Cosby look-alikes in a boxing ring. The Thursday evening shows have been battling it out in a ratings war.

Old favorites also were on hand. The Synchronized Briefcase Drill Team frowned, businesslike, through its maneuvers; the Mobile Volleyball Team kept the ball in the air as the net moved down the street; and the Marching Hibachi Grill Team flung tortillas to the crowd.

The real bankers, attorneys and investment advisers in the briefcase team were themselves spoofed by the Bozo Synchronized Briefcase Drill Team in clown makeup and pin-stripe suits.

The Slap My Face and Call Me Saddam Drill Team offered a solution for the world's most pressing problem. Under a banner reading "Zsa Zsa -- America's Secret Weapon," a group of Zsa Zsas slapped Saddam Husseins and wrested globes from the mock strongmen.

Some themes were directed specifically at the Californian audience.

Architects wearing houses fell prey to imaginary earthquakes, mudslides and brush fires.

Medflies danced around marching fruit, flowers and helicopters. They sang about the pesticide malathion, which state agricultural officials sprayed over Southern California neighborhoods this year in the latest war against the Mediterranean fruit fly.