Prong, a heavy metal trio from New York, wrapped up a full year of gigs on three continents at the 9:30 club Wednesday night, showing what a year on the road can do for a band. Most songs started with an explosion of sound, with all three Prongmen crouching in silence before pouncing on the song. In the slow moments, Tommy Victor and bass Mike Kirkland sounded like a single desperate voice.

Victor's hand is one of the fastest on a fret board anywhere and drummer Ted Parsons stays in the race, but they played with the tempo effectively, going to both extremes within many songs. Slow, droning, begging chords were answered with a power blast similar to the revving of a motorcycle.

The lyrics were somewhat repetitive, but then, how much can one say about topics like "Freezer Burn"? It made more sense when "Everything is the same, nothing has changed" was sung ad infinitum to prove it for "Just the Same."

The audience, in the meantime, was redefining the term "bodysurfing." One or two at a time, people would be hoisted up, or would stage-dive down, to ride the bobbing sea of heads, hands and shoulders. Victor was as much a part of the chaos as a reason for it, shooting his gleefully evil smirk and calling for "a party out there, let's get angry on this one." Later, his spirits were dampened by the technical difficulties and broken guitars.

This band, known for its part in MTV's Headbanger's Ball and songs like "Decay" and "Right to Nothing," betrayed a sense of humor when playing its angry, pounding anthem, the mildly titled request "Beg to Differ."