NEW YORK -- A former ballerina who lost the use of her legs in a car crash seven years ago thanked jurors for their $14.3 million damage award but said no amount of money could make up for what she has gone through.

A state Supreme Court jury set the award Friday for Shenikwa Dawn Nowlin, 31, who was paralyzed from the waist down when a car she was riding in went out of control on New York City's West Side Highway in August 1983 and crashed into a wall.

Former New York Yankees infielder Andre Robertson, who was driving, testified that a warning sign was placed too close to a sharp curve and he didn't have time to slow down.

Nowlin, who is now a lawyer, was the Dance Theatre of Harlem's youngest member when she was 14.

Jurors ruled that New York City was 67 percent liable for Nowlin's injuries because the sign did not provide sufficient warning. They ruled Robertson was 33 percent liable for exceeding the highway's 40 mph speed limit.

The jury did not find Nowlin negligent for not wearing a seat belt.

Robertson's attorney said his client's insurance would cover about $25,000 of the award, but because Robertson is not wealthy the city would have to pay most of the award. He said city officials could try to recover some of the money from Robertson later.

It was not immediately known if Robertson or the city would appeal.

Robertson, 33, retired from baseball last year and now works at a steam generating plant in Texas.